And happy Canada Day! What a perfect day to launch a new blog dedicated to Canadian independent music!

I hope you enjoy exploring my site and maybe, just maybe, I can introduce you to your next favourite band. If you like the music discussed here I encourage you to support Canadian artists through the purchase of music, merch, and tickets!

Though it’s a little quiet in here right now (it is Canada Day after all, and I’m down BBQing at the beach!), feel free to browse through the page that will tell you more about me, the pages that list concerts of my past and concerts to look forward to in the future, and the pages that list some great albums from the past year as well as some great albums to look forward to in the near future.

As always, feel free to leave your comments below. Email with your comments, questions, and suggestions are also welcomed!

Music should be fun, let’s try keep it that way!