Late yesterday one of my favourite Victoria bands, Immaculate Machine, released a statement via their artist page on CBC Radio 3.

“You may have figured out, from our extended absence from the internet and touring, that we are no longer a band.  It took a while to admit to ourselves that we had broken up, but we have all shifted our priorities to other projects.”

So it seems that the band has gone the way of so many Victoria landmarks that they included in their songs.

Though Immaculate Machine is no more, the members have moved on to focus on other musical projects. Kathryn Calder has her solo project; she released her debut album Are You My Mother? last year. According to her website she has a new album in the works. Luke Kozlowsk has started the band Aquitania. Brooke Gallupe is working on a new project while balancing the role of a new parent. (Congratulations Brooke!) Caitlin and Jordan from the Jackson Hill touring band have their own band too: Slam Dunk.

You can view the entire post by the band here.

Best of luck to all the members on their new endeavors. Now go listen to an Immaculate Machine album and be sure to turn it up. Don’t worry, the neighbours won’t mind.