In case you didn’t manage to sit through the 3 1/2 hour long telecast and on top of that you’ve managed to avoid all other media outlets up to now, I should tell you: the Arcade Fire’s release The Suburbs won the Grammy for Album of the Year!!!

Here’s my highlights of the announcement of the award and the acceptance speech:

  • Barbara Streisand sounded so confused when she announced that the Suburbs won.
  • The first thing Win Butler said in the acceptance speech was “What the hell?”.
  • Win and Régine said “merci Montreal”. (Was this maybe the first time French was spoken in a major Grammy award acceptance speech? Does anyone remember what Celine Dion said in hers back in the 90s?)
  • Win announced “We’re gonna go play another song, because we like music. So thank you, we’re so happy.” The band then spontaneously launched into Ready to Start without anyone stopping them and without having the audio or video cut off.
  • Win Butler smiled the whole way through the performance of Ready to Start.
  • Via Twitter: “@arcadefire: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. Thank you EVERYONE.”

I’m normally pretty uninterested the Grammys, but this was a big, big win for the Arcade Fire. They beat out Eminem, Lady Antebellum, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry for this award. In a couple quick minutes of searching I couldn’t find any exact sales numbers, but I’m willing to bet that the Suburbs was far outsold by all of the other albums in the running. I’m willing to go so far as to guess that if you picked any other nominated album there, it would have sold more than twice that of the sales number of the Suburbs. Now don’t take this the wrong way. The Suburbs is an amazing album and the win is very well deserved, but it was up against albums created by some real American powerhouses.

It will be interesting to see the fallout of winning the award. Already the group has seen some attention. Here’s social media in action folks: The first screenshot was taken around 8:45pm PST, about 20 minutes after the award was announced live. The second screenshot was taken around 12:30am PST, about an hour after the west coast feed of the Grammys had finished. In the course of that time, the Arcade Fire twitter feed managed to attract more than 6,000 new Twitter followers. As of 12:45pm PST today (the day after the Grammys) the follower count is up to 108,512. That’s more than 11,000 new followers in less than 24 hours.

Taken around 8:45pm PST.


Taken around 12:45am PST.

Talk of the Polaris Prize for the Suburbs has been circulating pretty much since the day the album was released. Heck, people were talking Polaris for the album even before the official release date, back when the first singles were put to the public. The thing is, the Polaris Prize has normally stayed away from recognizing the more commercially successful and/or internationally recognized albums. Will the jury opt to give their votes elsewhere and possibly keep the Suburbs off the Polaris long list or short list?

To relive some great Arcade Fire moments caught on video and archived on the internet, I’ll refer you to the following links:

The original photos in this post were all taken back in September when the Arcade Fire played the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver. You can find the whole set of photos from that night here.

A huge hearty congratulations to the Arcade Fire for this very deserved win!