Record Store Day is here again! Now in it’s fourth year, Record Store Day is celebrated on the third Saturday of April. The day was created to shine a light on independent record stores worldwide. This year there’s a bunch of exclusive releases to be found, including some from artists such as Caribou, the Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, Grinderman, Mumford and Sons, the Flaming Lips, and others. (Check out the full list of this year’s releases on

So what’s going on in Victoria?

Ditch Records has a pile of RSD exclusive releases in stock (there’s a comprehensive list on Ditch’s website) and they’re offering up free CDs, free posters, and free coffee for those who choose to show up ridiculously early. There will be in store performances by Aidan Knight (10:30am), Himalayan Bear (6pm), and Bankrobber (6:30pm). Facebook event page.

Talk’s Cheap will have some cheap 45’s and cassettes out, with prices being marked down as the day goes on. Some RSD exclusives will be out, but it will be those that fit with the rest of the stock at Talk’s Cheap – don’t go expecting to find your major label modern rock release. Facebook event page.

The Turntable doesn’t have a website, but they’re listed on the Record Store Day site as participating so I’m sure they have some sales going on.

I’ll be making the rounds this afternoon and will be sure to post any of my purchases. If you found anything awesome or saw a great band perform on Record Store Day, please share in the comments section!


I only had time to make it to Ditch on Record Store Day, but I spent more than an hour there. Check out my haul!

Now before you go and think that I spent my life savings on Record Store Day (that’s only the half-truth), I should point out that most of the CDs I picked up were used. It seems that someone unloaded their Flashing Lights discography, so I figured I should give it a good home. Also, Ditch was giving away free CDs and I managed to snag a few of those (the two Chet albums and the Elephant Island album).

An awesome new addition to Record Store Day at Ditch Records was a collection of in store performances. I caught the afternoon sets by Bankrobber and Himalayan Bear. I really hope this becomes a regular thing at the new store! Below is a video from Bankrobber’s set.