Well, sort of. This Saturday, July 23rd at 7pm PST, CBC BC will air the documentary Winning America which follows Vancouver band Said the Whale on their first ever US tour. (Sorry readers outside of BC. Word has it that if the first run ratings are high enough, the film will get a wider release. Encourage your BC friends to tune in!) Produced by Brent Hodge (CBC Radio 3) and Jon Siddall (CBC Radio 2) and directed by Hodge and Thomas Buchan (Battle Of The Bagpipes, Hope), this is the first documentary developed by CBC Radio 3. Watch as the band goes through the highs (playing SXSW, winning a Juno) and lows (having their gear stolen in Sacramento, dealing with the mustard lady of SXSW) of living the touring life, all in the attempt to put their day jobs behind them and make music a full time gig.