To kick off the new school year, the University of Victoria held the President’s Welcome Back BBQ on September 6th 2011. A great new tradition to this event is that the day is closed with a free outdoor performance by a (somewhat) local band. Last year we got Said the Whale and this year it was the lovely Hannah Georgas who came to perform. I think it’s really great that the school brings in bands that have ties to the university – Hannah and members of Said the Whale have all attended UVic.

The backing band was looking sharp in their matching white shirts, skinny ties, and grey pants. The group played a mixture of new and old songs, and Hannah mentioned that her next order of business was to head off to Toronto to record her next album. (She’s been giving updates on Facebook and Twitter over the past few weeks on the album’s progress. Check in there if you’d like to keep up to date.) The crowd seemed to be pretty shy and sat on the grass for most of the set. I don’t know if this was because most of them seemed to fall into the category of “awkward overwhelmed first year student”, but people seemed to perk up and even dance for the catchier favourites like “Bang Bang You’re Dead” and “Dancefloor”.

My photos from the day can be found here. Also, I managed to catch the closing song “All I Need” on video. Check it out below… NOW!




Here’s the setlist from that afternoon: