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Facts and Kermode

I’ve seen Colin McTaggart’s band Kermode a few times now. Does this make me a super fan? I don’t know, but it seems that they’ve played quite a few shows with other bands that I really like. In fact, the first time I met Colin was also the first time I saw Versa, the band I now play with. He of course was up on stage performing with the band. (Because really, where else would he be? I’ve lost count of the number of bands that Colin performs with.) The lineup in Kermode has changed every time I’ve seen them, but the band does a great job of pulling it together with all the changes. One of my favourite staples of Kermode’s set is their cover of “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” by the Talking Heads. Posted below is a video of the band playing that one. (Sorry for the crummy audio – totally my fault for standing so close to the speakers.)




Opening for Kermode was the Vancouver band Facts. I first heard of Facts through last year’s Peak Performance Project. Of the bands I hadn’t heard of before in the competition, they were the only ones I liked and found interesting. I was super excited when I learned that they would be playing this show, which just so happened to be their first show in Victoria. Hopefully they can make it back here for another show soon! Posted below are some videos I took during their set. You have no idea how super hard it was to stand still and not dance and ruin the video! Included are “Body Break”, “Retro Oceans”, and “Colourful Box”. Enjoy!







The start of my Record Store Day 2013 was… interesting. I got up at a time that is beyond early for any reasonable person and made the trek into town to be in line at Ditch Records just before 6 am. Yes, there’s a 6 am now. When I got there I was greeted by about 15 crazy people already in line who managed to drag themselves out of bed before I did. Whatever happened to the days of there being only a couple of crazies who showed up early to pick over the releases? Speaking of crazies, upon arrival to wait in line I was also greeted by four dudes who appeared to have kept the party going all night long. I think one of them mentioned something about being on mushrooms… What I do remember is that one of them hugged me and whispered to me that he “thought I was really cool and had been meaning to talk to me for a long time now”. Did I mention I had never seen this guy before in my life? Yeah, way to be creepy dude.

The creepy dudes eventually decided to take the party elsewhere and I got to retreat into a state of putting my earbuds in and ignoring everyone until the store opened. All in all I got a pretty good haul of the RSD releases I had my eye on. I managed to pick up The Hold Steady 7″ (thanks Tyson for snagging that one for me!), a Cake 7″, some Punch Brothers, Calexico, Cut Copy, Foals, and Walk the Moon (who I always confuse with Half Moon Run, who I also love). The only thing I missed out on was a copy of The Last Waltz, but that one was a bit too pricey for me, so it’s probably for the best. Back to keeping my eye out for a second hand copy it is. After having absolutely no budget for records the first three months of 2013, it was nice to splurge on some things I really wanted. (My bank account might disagree with me there.)

After some brunch, and a quick run home for a midday nap on the couch, it was back to Ditch for the live music portion of the day. We showed up just in time to catch the last bit of the set by the Chantrelles. I hadn’t had the chance to see this local soul revival band yet, but had heard a lot about them. Boy, do they ever deserve all the praise they get. Having a band of seven fit into a small record store and sound great and not overly loud without losing any of the energy is quite the feat. I highly recommend seeing them live if you can.

We closed out Record Store Day with some browsing of all the used records the Ditch staff had put out for the day (“I guess this is the year I buy all the albums by the Talking Heads..”) and a set from Hawk and Steel. Much like their show we had just seen the previous weekend, the guys played a great set. Posted below for your perusal are some videos of their RSD set. Included are “Love That I Need” (which sounds a *little* bit like a Forestry song I like), a new song I don’t know the name of, and “Carol”. Enjoy!



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