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It’s the end of a very long work day for me, so this is just going to be a brief note. The first cut in CBC Radio 3’s Searchlight Contest for Canada’s Best Music Website was yesterday (or was it today because I still haven’t made it to sleep?). Here the long list was narrowed down to a… umm… shorter long list of 60 sites. And… EhBSeasides didn’t make it to the next round.

I’ll admit I’m a little bummed at being out of the competition so early, but it really is the outcome I expected for this round. Thank you so much to anyone who voted for this site! Your support means the world to me. Please keep voting in the following rounds – there are so many great sites on the list and many of my friends have made it to the next round of competition. Thank you to everyone who came to visit this site because of Searchlight (I checked my page stats, I know there’s a few of you!), even if your vote went elsewhere. I hope you’ll come back to visit from time to time. Most of all, a very big thank you to CBC Radio 3 for running Searchlight. Many of us bloggers do what we do just to share our love of Canadian music, and we don’t expect any sort of pay or praise. Being recognized by something like Searchlight goes a long way to making it feel like this is not all just a waste of time. This contest shines a light on not only the amazing music, but the amazing fans and music supporters this country is producing.


Hello friends, and a very belated happy 2011 to you all! I thought I’d just check in and give you a quick update on what’s new with me.

CBC Radio 3 Searchlight 2011

Well first of all, some exciting news: it looks like EhBSeasides has made the long list for CBC Radio 3‘s annual Searchlight Competition! Searchlight takes a different form each year. The inaugural award in 2008 was for Canada’s Best Record Store and went to Meow Records of Prince George BC. The year 2009 was dedicated to Canada’s Best Live Music Club and the title went to the Phog Lounge of Windsor ON. Last year the hunt was on for Canada’s Best Music Festival and ultimately the Evolve festival of Antigonish NS won. This year the search is on for the Best Music Website In Canada.

I am extremely honoured to be nominated. Thank you to any of you who put my name forth for the list. I’m even more honoured to appear aside some heavy hitters like Exclaim, AUX TV, Chartattack, Mint Records, Nardwuar, and Zunior. I’m also happy for all of my friends who made the list: 3 AM Revelations, Earbuds and Ticket Stubs, Vancouver Is Awesome (Indie), Canada Is A Music Mecca, Christine McAvoy Photography, Go North To Detroit, South To Windsor, Indie Craft Attack, Island SoapBox, and North by East West. Now there’s no shortage of voting choices and there’s clearly some crazy competition, so I won’t beg you to vote for me. In fact, you should really almost put your voting powers to one of the sites I just listed above. However if you feel like throwing a vote or two my way, that would be pretty awesome of you.

To vote, head on over to the poll on Radio 3. You don’t need to register for anything and you can vote once every 24 hours. The next round of cuts is next week when the Top 50 is announced, with the final winner for 2011 being announced on March 10th.

And now my other exciting news: I joined a rock band! I’ve been playing trumpet with the Victoria band Versa, and we just had a big show at the Metro Theatre last Friday. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us! Two weeks ago we also did a quick set on CFUV; you can find the audio here. It looks like no one wants to kick me out of the band yet, and in fact we have a show coming up on Saturday February 5th at Felicita’s Pub on the UVic campus. Details for that show can be found here. So as you can see, even though I haven’t been writing about music here lately, I’ve still been involved in music in some way. And I’m not ignoring the blog, I swear. In fact, I’ve got a ton of upcoming shows and upcoming albums listed, and a pile of photos waiting to get put up on Flickr. Looks like spring 2011 is going to be one exciting time for Canadian music!